Banned Books Week

As a librarian, I am very familiar with banned books through my studies, coursework, and the library setting.  It does appear, surprisingly, that the general population is not aware of the fact that many, many books have been banned and the practice continues.

I posted a photo of the display I did for the Technical College of the Lowcountry on my Facebook page and was shocked at the number of individuals who were unaware of Banned Book Week and the concept of banned books.  Comments included, “Where is the unlike button. Banning books really?!?” and “Sad!!”    Some friends thought the books were still banned.

banned book 1a

I spoke with students about the display and why the books were banned.  They were dismayed to discover familiar books on the banned book list, including children’s books and the Bible, and some thought the banned books were still banned.

One employee assisted me in covering  books for the display and was very uncomfortable with the task.  I explained the concepts behind the Library Bill of Rights and intellectual freedom as outlined by the ALA (American Library Association) and that as librarians we are charged with making all books available to all people.

Remember that the books you read as an adult, and the books you share with your children, may have once been banned, but libraries everywhere work hard to be sure your first amendment freedoms are honored.    To learn more about banned books visit the ALA site of the 100 top banned books by decade.   Interested in checking one out?  Visit our online catalog  and see what you can find.

My next task:  Make a sign assuring students the books on the Banned Book Display ARE available for checkout. :-)

Working on a research paper? Check out the library’s eBooks and databases!

It’s that time again–research paper writing season! If you are struggling to find sources and can’t make it to the library, check out the eBooks collections and databases described below. These electronic resources are available 24/7 and are accessible on and off campus. Log in off campus using your 7-digit TCL ID number and a password made up of the first initial of your first name + the last three digits of your Social Security number. If you have any trouble logging in, contact the LRC at 843-525-8304.

Q: What’s in the eBooks collection? 

A: You will find books on many different subjects in our eBooks collections–everything from history to science to nursing to careers. We have several eBook resources, including two major collections: EBSCO eBooks and ebrary. Both have a great selection of titles. The one thing you probably won’t find is current fiction–our eBooks are mainly geared to research, so if you need a good beach read, make sure you visit the library catalog to search for popular fiction titles. (You can also order popular books through other libraries via our PASCAL Delivers system.) With our eBooks collections you can view full-text books on your computer or download them to many devices, all for free! Visit for more information.

Q: What is a database?

A: Library databases are searchable collections of articles in electronic format. You can use a database to find and read articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals. We have databases that focus on many different subject areas, including nursing, business, law, and English/writing. Click here to view the complete list of databases.

Q: My instructor doesn’t want me using websites for my paper. Can I still use an eBook or database?

The books you find in our eBooks collection and the articles in our databases are not websites. Many of our eBooks are also available in physical form from libraries and booksellers, but they have been transferred to electronic format so that users can read them on a computer. Most of the articles you find in databases come from magazines, newspapers, and journals, not from Wikipedia, blogs, or personal websites. Most importantly, the databases and eBooks identify the authors and publishers of articles and books so that you can figure out if the source is credible.

You should always check with your instructor on what sources are okay to use for an assignment, but most instructors love it when you use eBooks and databases through the library!

Q: How do I cite eBooks and database articles?

A: Many databases and eBooks will give you a citation (MLA or APA) for the article/book. Look for a link that says “Cite” or “Citation Tools.” Note: You should always review the citations you find in the eBooks and databases. Make sure you look at the current MLA or APA guidelines and follow any instructions your teacher has given you. It’s also a good idea to show your Works Cited page or references list to a librarian or writing tutor. For citation resources, click here.

More information:

EBooks: eBooks LibGuide

Databases: Databases LibGuide

Book an appointment with a writing tutor: Tutor Schedules Guide

Citation/Paper Formatting Assistance in the LRC: MLA, APA, and Chicago Style

Are you struggling with MLA, APA, or Chicago style citation, or pulling your hair out over paper formatting requirements like paragraph indentation, headers, font size and style, and line spacing? Citation and formatting are important parts of the paper-writing process, but we know they can be tricky. That’s why the library and the Tutoring Center have lots to offer when it comes to creating Works Cited pages and references lists. We hope the following services will make the process as quick and painless as possible!

Want to get some expert eyes on your citations?

-Meet with a librarian in the Beaufort LRC in Building 12, Suite 200 (843-525-8304), or stop by the New River LRC (call 843-470-6003 for librarian hours).

-Meet with a Beaufort or New River English tutor. See their availability and schedule an appointment through the Tutor Schedule LibGuide, or call us at 843-525-8221.

-Send us a question using the LibChat box or the Ask Us button on the LRC homepage. You can also text the LRC at 843-256-2247.

View the MLA LibGuide.
View the APA LibGuide.
View the Chicago LibGuide.
Use the Creating MLA Style Citations for Articles and the Creating MLA Style Citations for Books guides to practice your citation skills.

How to Book a Tutoring Appointment

Whether you are a new student or just need a refresher on how to book an appointment with a tutor, the ASAP Tutoring Centers have got you covered! Follow the instructions below to book your appointment today. (Please note that you are not required to make an appointment to see a tutor; however, booking ahead is recommended, as the Tutoring Center is often very busy, particularly during exam and paper-writing periods.)

On Tutoring website select "Tutors Schedules."
While on the tutoring website (, select “Tutor Schedules.”
Choose the tutor's subject and location.
Choose the subject and location.
The individual names of tutors will be listed. Scroll down to view their schedules and then click on the tutor's name who offers tutoring at the time you need.
The individual names of tutors will be listed. Scroll down to view their schedules and then click on the tutor’s name that you wish to book.
Select the block of time you would like to schedule. To schedule an hour-long session, be sure to book two back-to-back 30-minute sessions.
Select the block of time you would like to schedule. To schedule an hour-long session, be sure to book two back-to-back 30-minute sessions.
Enter your full name, TCL student email address, and any notes/comments you would like to include. Click submit and you are finished! A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
Enter your full name, TCL student email address, and any notes/comments you would like to include. Click “Schedule Appt.” and you are finished! A confirmation email will be sent to you.

If you have any trouble, call us at 843.525.8221 (Writing/Reading Lab)  and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Please note that all online tutoring appointments must be booked by phone. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your TCL ID: A Powerful Library Card

Did you know that as a TCL student or employee, you can borrow from libraries all over South Carolina? With a current, valid TCL ID card (click here for instructions on how to get one), the following libraries will allow you to check out materials:

TCL libraries: Items available for checkout through our Learning Resources Center include books (fiction and nonfiction), DVDs, audiobooks, laptops, and Kindle eReaders. Visit our online catalog to search for titles. You can even let us know which TCL campus is most convenient for you to pick up and we will send books and DVDs to that campus. During the summer semester, this includes New River and Mungin Center (Hampton).

South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL Delivers): You can use your TCL ID number to borrow books from almost any college library in South Carolina. The PASCAL Delivers system allows you to order books online and pick up from the TCL library. For more info on this free service, including instructions on how to search for and order titles, click here.

Beaufort County Libraries: Even if you don’t live in Beaufort County, you can use your valid TCL ID to obtain a card for the Beaufort County Public Libraries. BCL branches are located throughout Beaufort county and offer a great selection of books, movies, audiobooks, and more. For more info on how to borrow from Beaufort County, click here.

USC Beaufort: With locations in Beaufort and Bluffton, the USCB library is another great place to study and check out material. Bring your valid TCL ID card to a USCB librarian for assistance with borrowing.

Still can’t find what you need? Don’t give up! Contact a TCL librarian by calling 843-525-8304 (Beaufort) or 843-470-6003 (New River).

LRC Hours during Spring Break

TCL’s library will be open during Spring Break (March 9-13). The Beaufort campus library will close at 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and will be open 8-11:30 a.m. on Friday. The Writing/Reading lab will remain open 9:00-5:00 pm Monday-Thursday and the Math lab will be open 9:00-5:00 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. No tutors are available this week.  Normal hours for the library and labs will resume on Monday, March 16. For more information about our hours, click here.

Test Taking Resources


Tests and exams are key parts of the college experience, but they can also lead to added stress and anxiety.

TCL has FREE tutors who can help you prepare for those tests and relieve some of the anxiety. Call the Writing/Reading Lab at (843) 525-8221 to book an appointment with one of our test taking experts. Tutoring appointments can also be booked online at

Additionally, TCL offers FREE counseling services. Megan Metzcus, College Counselor, has experience working with college students on topics like test anxiety. She offers services at both the Beaufort and New River campuses. Stop by her office on the Beaufort campus in Building 1 Room 204 or call her at (843) 525-8288 to make an appointment.